I wonder if I’ll always feel like this?

I’m wondering if my romance with this place will end shortly after we move in and the novelty wears off. Once day-to-day drudgery sets in, will its wildness start to irritate me?

At the moment I love the cold crisp air that burns my cheeks. I love the bubbling creek trickling over the weeds and stones. I cannot get enough of that mountain: I cant wait to explore its trails and rainforest darkness. Today I pottered down to the back of the paddock to remove some branches that were over hanging on the fence, and I noticed a little trail snaking off deep into the bush. And I was itching to explore.
I wonder if after a few months I will be completely ambivalent to it? If it will be just more mud and inconvenience, trees and work, the way I’ve heard people talk about their farms (and inwardly cursed their luck at having such things to complain about!). I’ve waited and dreamed and waited and prayed for a property of my own ever since I can remember, and I wonder if this is the beginning of a beautiful love affair, or a big culture shock.
Or maybe both!

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