Icy cold and clear.

Finally got a picture of the beautiful little creek running through the farm, carrying the cold clear water off the mountain. 

The sound of it is just magical. 
Actually speaking of the sound of water; one of the things I miss most about or last house is the tin roof. I LOVE the sound of rain on a tin roof. It was my FAVOURITE thing about the house. 
Unfortunately, Hill Shadow House has a tile roof, but the sound of this bubbling little creek almost makes up for it! 
Still, there’s nothing to stop me finding a bit of tin and propping it somewhere outside my bedroom window now, is there? 😉 

What do you love about where you live? 
What could you not live without?

2 thoughts on “Icy cold and clear.

  1. OMG how lucky are you ? that creek is soooo pristine.
    If you want the kids to respect and avoid trampling on any special areas, you can tell them ,you think that is where the fairies live and have regular checks to see if they have left any clues, who knows some days you might even “find” something,very tiny…..how magical.


  2. I love that the girls are getting so much opportunity to go outside and in nature! Even just taking the stale ends of the bread out to feed to the chooks is an adventure! 🙂


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