Mud, prickles, feathers & pigtails.

One of the best things about being at the farm as far as Katie’s concerned, is the opportunity to jump in puddles & get muddy! 

Today she discovered the little creek & was poking about in it with a stick. 

There’s a massive blackberry thicket at the top of the creek – I’m hoping our landlord will let us pilfer a whole bunch of fruit off it before he sprays or does anything with it. 
Mmm – blackberries!!!
And of course, Kate loves to feed Lenin & the chickens, and hang out with the horses.
I can’t wait to see what she gets up to when we’re in situ full-time! I know she can’t wait for her new room (with views out to her chook pen!) and she really wants to build a tree house. 
Well – there’s certainly no shortage of trees to choose from! 
What projects are you planning?

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