When life gives you lemons. And grapefruit. And oranges.

On Thursday I will have the keys to Hill Shadow House in my hand for the first time! Although the current tennants will not be officially out & our lease will not start til August 11, there’s so many little projects I’m keen to get started on, like measuring up for curtains, cleaning out the chook pen, measuring for our back fence, planning a stile over to the orchard, putting up the kids’ swings, organising the out buildings….

!!! *deep breath* 
So much to do! 
One project I’m a bit excited about is the veritable GLUT of citrus fruit we’ll be inheriting! There are at least 4 fruit-laden citrus trees (orange, lemon, grapefruit) on the farm that the current residents have said they don’t intend to collect the fruit off before they go, so my heads full of yummy winter citrus recipes I can make!

How about lemon curd? Lemon tarts? Lemon meringue pies? Orange Poppy-seed cake? Lemon chicken? Marmalade? 
Have you got any favourite citrus recipes? 
I mean seriously, if you do – please share!: I’m looking at having about a trailer load (not an exaggeration!) on my hands in about 4 days! 

One thought on “When life gives you lemons. And grapefruit. And oranges.

  1. You can freeze lemons and oranges too! Just chuck them in the freezer whole and they are still great for cooking and juicing on thawing 🙂


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