There’s no place like it.

Well it’s moving week! Boxes are appearing, cleaners are coming and going, trailers, trucks, belongings scattered to the wind.

I hate it. This is my most feared state.
I HATE feeling unanchored. I always have. I am a Cancerian through and through, and “Home” is the most important thing to me. I like to know where my safe ‘nest’ is. 
At the moment I am constantly on the edge of anxiety. There’s so much to do! And so much to move! And I just want it all in, and done, and unpacked as quickly as possible so I can know where I am. 

So it is a huge challenge to me personally to 
It is a process. I can take my time. I can unpack slowly, think about where I want to put my things in our new home. I do not need everything perfect now. 

I don’t NEED everything perfect NOW. 
My ‘home’ is my family. I can carry it within. It is not ‘stuff’. I am building it. Again. 
But in the meantime, I may need lots of cuddles, warm tea, and a familiar favourite book to resort to now and again… 😉 

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