The beginnings of a garden, and settling in.

Spring is in the air! 
We’re still cleaning and unpacking – and probably will be for many weeks to come – but we’re finally beginning to get into a bit of a home routine. the girls spend so much more time outside, whether it’s collecting eggs and firewood, or just playing around my feet while I hang out the washing. 
I’m constantly scouting for potential kindling and firewood! I forgot how much a fire devours fuel! Especialy on a cold, COLD Melbourne winter’s night! I have a funny feeling the chimney might be a bit blocked though… *sigh* I’ll add it to the list of maintenance to see to!
My mum came down and brought my older daughter Katie home (She took her for a week to the Snowies, while we moved – THANKYOU MUM!!!). She stayed for a few days, and I wanted to pick her brains about the garden, seeing as my mum has the greenest of green thumbs (A trait i don’t seem to have inherited. Dammit.) 
I felt a bit overwhelmed about the garden. I didn’t know where to start! My head seemed to be spinning with ‘aspects’, and ‘companion planting’, and no-dig/organic/climbing/pruning/mulching/feeding/weeding snippets and tips crammed into my head from Pinterest!
What if I did it wrong? What if everything I plant withers and dies? What about possums? Frost? Grubs? Crows? Mould? Rust? Rot? Fruit fly? Slugs? Rats? Roos? 
Mum’s advice: “*shrug* Just dig”. 
So I started. I stuck the shovel in and I dug some little rows. And it’s true: ‘Begun is half done’.
I have a vegie garden.

…yeah ok it’s got nothing growing in it yet… but I have soil! and worms! LOTSA WORMS! Which I think has to be a good thing, right?

The soil is pretty compacted and clay-ey. Luckily, the chooks and Will our Resident Retiree Racehorse can keep us in a constant supply of manure! Plus I’ve started composting my kitchen scraps (those not eaten by the chooks!) and newspaper, and dry leaves. So: I’ve started! I’m on my way! HURRAAAAAHHH!!!
Ever psyched yourself out of trying something new, cause you had TOO much info?
What do you mulch your beds with?
What have you planted?

Take care, plant something. 
And just dig.

2 thoughts on “The beginnings of a garden, and settling in.

  1. possums LOVE parsley, if you find you have a possum problem, plant the parsley in pots , so you can keep it somwehere possum proof, Mine hasn't been any higher than an inch for weeks, will have to rescue it today and put it in the fernery.
    Chooks love silverbeet and it is good for them, plant a heap where you can protect it while it grows, ( removable wire cage) once it is big and established, they will just come and have a bit of a pick, and it keeps growing


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