Parasites, productivity and ponies!

Ugh. After the death of 2 of our lovely chooks, we found the beginnings of a lice infestation! Seriously?! Come ON! So hopefully a dusting with Pestine (on the girls and round their home), a thorough worming (chooks, dog, horse, and us!) and a little prayer, that will be the end of this particular run of unfortunate luck! Grr.

Hubby did get productive last weekend: Mowing the back lawn, collecting some bales and putting them around our garden beds, and putting up Katie’s swing! She’s a bit chuffed about that πŸ™‚

So now she spends most of her time either on the swing, on the trampoline, on my hay bales, or in one of her many farm castles/hidey-holes…

The weather’s a bit wet today, so the girls and I went and joined our local library (ESSENTIAL) and now Tara’s having her afternoon nap, so I’ve ducked round and taken a few pics to introduce you to some of our equine residents…

Shy showpony ‘Electra’
Bigger on the inside ‘Tufty’
(Who could resist a face like this?!)

Fresian horse that looks like he belongs to the Black Knight ‘Randolf’

Sweet girl ‘Lily’

And of course the man in my life ‘Will’ (and the other man in my life, ‘Henry’)

I hope you’re having a lovely week. GO JOIN YOUR LIBRARY!!!

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