Teeth, twigs, and time ticking away!

My Mother in law’s bluebells – FLOWERING! ❤

Just when I thought summer was here… Today is freezing again! yesterday afternoon I had to walk my horse down to the neighbour’s place to have him seen to by the Equine Dentist through gale force winds and icy rain! I felt completly mad! But today is the old boy’s 18th birthday, so its nice to know he’ll be able to crunch comfortably on his birthday carrots!


Cant believe I’ve had him 13 years now! Gee it seems like a long time! And it also means I’ve been riding horses for 24 years! I started riding at 8, but I think the horsey-bug has started to bite Katie a little earlier…

I also went to a Home Harvest seminar night last Wednesday where I think I was about the youngest there by 20 years… but I did get some good ideas and affirmation about what we’re doing. Here’s Ben’s great custom ‘glass house’ over our pea seeds in our bale garden…

Re-purposed windows from a demolition!: Genius.

And here’s my silver beet seedlings that I swapped for some citrus (score!) but that I am taking NO CHANCES with! As you can see I have surrounded them with twigs (blackbird deterrent!), coffee grounds (slugs!) AND crushed egg shells (snails!). Hopefully Ive been cautious/paranoid enough for something to survive for once!

And here you see my custom Lady Bug hotel! I’m trying to encourage GOOD pests to my garden! (Wanna know more about Bug Hotels? Try here.)

Still no sign of the beans yet…

But plenty of these.

Still, there is one cute furry critter round the place-

Naaaw, Tufty!

What critters help your garden? 
Do you put any sustainable practices into place at your place?

Keep your coffee grounds!

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