C-Day Minus One

So tomorrow I begin my chemotherapy to rid my body of the cancer.

Yesterday I shaved my hair in preparation – I didn’t want to have drifts of hair falling out. It has in some ways made all this more real. I guess up to this point it has been something happening ‘next year’ something not imminent not in my immediate future. Tomorrow the future arrives.

This week has been very enjoyable. After the trip back to NSW, and seeing all out family and friends which was awesome, we were treated to a week child-free thanks to my in-laws who took the girls for the New Year’s week.

Anji and I got to eat out and enjoy NYE in the City, we slept-in, watched movies, ate spicy dinners and didn’t watch ABC2 (until after 7pm) the whole week… In fact I think the TV was hardly on at all expect to watch movies and of course Dance Moms (Anji’s vice).

I also got to play some video games on my Computer during the day!!!

It is quite though, the chickens are pecking around the garden near me and the horses sometime whinny, the birds sign and someone is gardening next door. It’s missing that constant noise of children, games being invented, or toys crashing and the asking for food, drink, do this or do that and the fall back question “what are you doing?” often followed by “why?”.

I miss it and I love it’s absence…

I have used this time, this brief moment before the unknown to relax, enjoy life and prepare for whatever may come next.

-1 Day…

6 thoughts on “C-Day Minus One

  1. Thank you all for the kind words. PR Hits – yep lets plan that coffee – I'll be in and out of work over the period so let me know some dates that work for you. Gail, hope to see you again soon – these things sure do test us as you are aware. And V very cool head!!! Glad this isn't winter!


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