C-Day has arrived

So today was the first day of Chemotherapy. I wasn’t sure what to expect the one thing I was certain of was that it would be a lot of waiting and sitting and learning.

Waiting to commence… pre jacked

Anji stayed with me for a while until I was settled and getting my first lot of fluid pumped into me – 1 litre of saline.

She left to get back to the kids (who were staying at home with grandparentals)

Preparing for her first day at school… Made my day to have this sent to me…

The reason I needed to have to much fluid (and there will be more to come) was that one of the drugs Cisplatin can cause damage to kidneys, the fluid helps to get them over working so that the drug is passed through quickly.

I also had some anti-nausea drugs which are supposed to last around three days – and tonight I’ve got to say I don’t feel too bad… then again I think that the longer I am on the treatment the worse I will feel. But today is a good day and I ate dinner!!!

I hope this lasts the week… so much easier than getting new ones each day

The Cisplatin was delivered with at least another litre and some extra saline to clean the line, the Etoposide had a little less liquid but I’m sure that added to the amount flushed I ended up with 3 litres of liquid running through my system.

I also had a cup of tea and some juice as my mouth still felt dry… who’d have thought!

I did a video of the drip on high speed getting the initial saline in… soothing in a strange way!

The ward, like the rest of the oncology unit is brand new and part of the redeveloped Box Hill Hospital and I have to say it is wonderful to be treated in something so new, clean and with all that is needed. I was there for around 4 and a half hours in my section the 6 chairs (managed by two very good nurses) turned over at least twice and in at least 2 cases 3 times (mine obviously didn’t!). A lot of people were there on long term monthly chemo getting just a single injection or drip for 30 mins. I felt lucky that my cancer is treatable in a very simple way. Sure it will be a hell of a ride for the next 9 weeks but all going well that will be it. Done and dusted…

Kate is worried about my sore arm and cut hair, we have told her I need medicine to get better, and it will take some time but at the end I will be OK so she doesn’t have to worry. Tonight going to bed she said “You don’t look like my Daddy anymore”. I replied that I am still here the bandage, the hair are just like clothes they don’t make me, me. I gave her a cuddle and tickle telling her that only Daddy knows how to make her laugh.

I’m concerned how she will react when I do lose hair but at least she has seen me with less hair and we will keep talking about it.

All in all today was an eye opener, I learnt the process and what to expect and how to deal… I have time to work and even got a few hundred words down today on my never ending novel. Tomorrow I have some work reports to read and maybe I will watch another IT Crowd…

Tonight I feel a little light headed and foggy (sorry if the blog reads strange) I am tired and I guess I will go to bed early.

Lastly I want to thank everyone for your comments, private messages, likes and love. I have to say I spent the most time today in that chair answering you all and reading the messages and words of inspiration. To know that so many people are out there supporting me from family, old friends and new and the crew at work.

I love youse all!

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