Day two, three and four… a quick catch-up blog

Day two.

Tuesday went uneventfully in most ways. No sign of side effects and the nurse at the end of the last lot of drugs accidentally took the cannula out. Ops! I still have three days left.

Oh well we laughed about it and I said at least I will be able to have a real shower tomorrow morning!

I went home, thanks to a lift from Nic at work. Work have kindly set up a roster to get me from hospital to home each day for the week – so kind and thoughtful of my Manager and the team to do that. It takes a big load off my mind and lets Anji get on with the kids and house stuff without having to drop everything to get me in the afternoon.

After a restful afternoon I even went to the pool for a bit and did a few very easy very light laps – mostly 25 walk 50 breast 25 walk. Which kept me moving and released some of the energy I had built up sitting around for hours on end.

The ward is brand new and very well equipped.

Day three.

On the way in in the morning I started to feel unwell. The bounces and movements in the car made my stomach turn a little and I felt queasy. I knew this would be coming however it still was not nice.

Crossing the days off

The nurse gave me some drugs to help we feel better but I really didn’t feel like eating much or drinking. I made myself eat some nuts and have some water during the day but that was about the most I could handle.
The main doors
Coming home it was all I could do to have some light miso soup and fall asleep on the lounge – with Cookie dog for company. I remember Anji starting or at least watching Downton Abbey Christmas Special… I wonder if she got through it all?

Soon after Tara awoke from her nap Anji went and collected Kate from daycare and I drifted off again, after some cuddles and lots of waving goodbye and kisses from Tara. Finally I was able to get up when they returned and got the kids ready for bath, while Anji did dinner. She bathed them as I can’t get my arm wet, I did dress Tara and play with her while dinner for being finalised. Thanks Anji!

It was delicious mini quiches made with our eggs, corn and some bought asparagus and yummy pastry. The kids and adults loved them and devoured them… yum!

Day 4.

Today, yes I was amiss in writing for the last two days but I couldn’t even see clearly to do much else then lie at the hospital.

I felt more unwell this morning, not sure if that was down to the storm last night which kept me awake or the side effects and drugs reacting… Either way I was not myself this morning and have been out of sorts until just a few minutes ago.

I have been told to have some medicine to help me go number 2… Apparently the anti-nausea drugs can clog you up – hopefully I will get some movement down there shortly. Enough of that delightful subject…

I had the three drugs today, which meant that I need to be here much longer than the other days. First call was 9 – 4, however as I managed to get the first two lots through quickly it looks like I will be leaving about 3pm… yay an early mark.

The nursing stuff are really great at the hospital, all of them are fun, hard working and dedicated to looking after us. There are quite a few people getting treatment for various cancers and perhaps some other ailments. I have noticed that I am one of the only ones here every day. Most it seems are on weekly or fortnightly visits and I asked today if I was on a faster or higher stream

It seems that yes for this cancer the way to hit it is hard fast and powerfully. One nurse said she felt for guys like me who are getting big doses quickly. “It’s tough” she said, “But it’s over quickly and you can move on”. I agreed and said the quicker the better! Short pain for long term gain.

I will try to get to these blogs more regularly but I can’t promise I will always feel OK to write. When I do I will be able to jump on and send these out into the air waves.

Thanks again for reading and the support I get through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (and of course here!)

Onwards and upwards!

2 thoughts on “Day two, three and four… a quick catch-up blog

  1. Yes Andrew, it is nice to work at a place that respects the team and team members. They really pull together here and have done so for a number of people in different circumstances.


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