Cycle one down and hair loss

So that’s it. The first cycle of three weeks is over, and only another two to go!

I have mixed feelings about the end of the first third. On hand I am down three weeks and heading toward the finish line, next week is a full week (due to public holiday on Monday I only have four days with a slight increase in dose…) and after that I only will have one more full week to go. On the other hand I know it will start to get worse and my bounce back will take longer if at all between the sessions.

After Thursday I was quiet ill, I went to bed with a bucket as I wasn’t sure I would not be sick. That was the worst I have felt the whole time. I don’t want to feel that way again but I know I will. Knowing you are going to be sick and still going in for treatment is hard thing. You have to be mentally prepared for the situation and the aftermath. Next week will be hard, but I will get through it and I will do it. I just have to summon up the will and energy.

My parents are coming down this weekend to help out at home and for that I am very thankful. With them here I won’t have to think about Anji and all the work she shoulders while I am otherwise engaged (i.e. asleep or at least lying down so I am not sick). They will help out with the girls and also some of the normal household stuff like washing up and cooking etc.

All in all it is like a band aid – rip that sucker off and the pain is only fleeting. Have the treatment feel ill for a few weeks and then it is all over. At least that is the plan!

As for the treatment – well if hair loss means that it is working, then it is working well.

This week saw drifts of hair start to fall out and this morning it reached a point where I looked like a mangy dog.

So off it had to go. It was a bit of an endeavour to get it all off. At first I tried the razor and in the ended up with the electric clippers. Anji had to come in and fix me up…Β 
The new streamlined me…

Good news in Anji likes the new look and to be honest it isn’t that bad! Maybe a new style for me? 2015 the year I went bald!
This weekend will see our six year Anniversary and shortly we will mark 18 months in Melbourne. A lot to look back on and a lot to look forward to.

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