The right attire…

I like to wear speedos.

Yes I wear them to swim laps at the pool – that’s pretty much a standard. If you are serious about swimming for fitness you wear the right gear. Some guys go for jammers others the more traditional brief-style “speedos”.

I am one of the later.

I used to wear them all the time, beneath my board short or swim shorts. However, I always had the desire to whip off the baggy shorts and swim in the streamlined close-fitting snug speedos.

That changed when we moved interstate.

New city, new place. No-one knew me at the pool. Plus we moved to a much bigger city – one with a hell of a lot more people at the pools and more diversity. The fact that pools in the city are a mix of cultures many of whom have not had the US driven ‘fear’ of men being exposed in some way meant that the pools here had a higher level of men in speedos. In fact some nights the board-short wearing guy was very much in the minority.

The first time I went in the pool ‘just’ in my speedos caused me to feel a little bit of fear, a little bit of embarrassment and a lot of unanswered questions. All of which vanish when I pushed off the edge that first time, since I was a (very) prepubescent child of maybe 10 or 11, clad in only a small thin piece of material. The water glided off me, my legs kicked free from any encumbrance and I felt good, I mean, I felt great. I swam so much easier, and on top I felt like a swimmer, like I belonged in the swimming lane and not the walk and talk lane.

That good feeling came from both the way I swam (it really was so much easier), and also the sense that I was (outwardly) unashamed and confident in my body. Now I need to say I am no Adonis, I haven’t got the perfect swimming body (not sure I ever will at 40) but I certainly feel like I look better just by the fact that I do wear swimwear design for swimming.

Yup kinda like these guys… 

To me wearing a form fitting speedo is akin to wearing a well tailored, good fitting suit. You put on that suit, the shirt, the tie and do your hair well – look in the mirror and you look and feel great. That’s the same feeling I get when wearing the right and (in my mind) the proper swimwear. It’s almost a ‘fake it till you make it’ scenario. Dress the part and you are the part, that kind of thing.

I am no longer ashamed (although I have had moments of doubt) and I am beginning to become less worried about what others may think. Sure I have my days when I get to the pool and see a group of mostly younger guys in board-shorts (mostly just playing in the water) and not doing laps, but I build up my wall put on my game face and walk-on down to the pool deck. Wearing my suit with confidence. It’s also true that I haven’t actually seen anyone looking at me, or commenting to me… so that helps!

Besides, I feel good and I swim better.

That’s the whole point I have to writing this. It’s not about how I look, I would be the first to say don’t take my picture in speedos I will NOT look good. As I said I don’t have a swimmer body, there are no visible 6-packs (the making of a keg maybe) on my belly. I am also hairy… I’m not an ape but there is body hair… proud manly body hair! The point is about how I FEEL.

I feel strong, I feel fit and I feel like a stud!

I will say that when I swim with the kids in the kiddy pool I wear board-shorts. The nature of needing to be the lifeguard and helper isn’t the right environment to wear briefs. That may be more a societal thing than anything to do with me, but it just feels more ‘right’ to at least wear more modest swim attire. It probably shouldn’t but there you go! Life ain’t easy.

So I say if you swim, if you are at least semi-serious about swimming for exercise, remove the board-short, get rid of the drag. At least get a pair of jammers or go the whole hog and ‘don the ‘does. Take it from me, you’ll never look back.

2 thoughts on “The right attire…

  1. Interesting post… I still don’t think I could wear the speedo… (even without any body image issues or people there to see me)… I don’t like anything tight… but had not thought about “drag”… probably not a good enough swimmer to notice


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