Reverse Bucket List

I just read an article on turning your life around or setting and hopefully achieving life goals. Read the full article.

It raised some good questions about the affect of looking at the achievements of others – the 30 year old who retired, or the friend on Facebook who has “everything” that you want…

It can be very depressing.

It’s summed up nicely in the following,

Wanting to make big changes to your life is a worthwhile goal. But it can have the effect of making you even less happy with your day-to-day reality.

Instead of creating a list of ‘wants’ the author looked back to her past and created a reverse bucket list – a list of all the cool, interesting and impressive things that she had done.

So here is a version of my Reverse Bucket List.

  • Recorded and released a CD with my band STOVER
  • Acted in many plays, been in a TV show and was assistant director for a film clip
  • Directed and Produced a number of theatre productions, including Terry Pratchett’s Guards! Guards! (2003)
  • Was also president of said Community Theatre group
  • Relocated to Victoria, with a 3 week old baby… (may be more insane than cool or interesting but definitely impressive!)
  • I had a faux hawk hair cut… with dyed ends! Also went completely white, like really white, almost silver… it was very white
  • Ate dinner with a Geisha (and my wife)
  • Travelled to the US to pick Australian native palm seeds to sell to a horticultural business in Italy…
  • … and probably more

The thing is, sometimes when we are looking forward or looking for the next phase of our lives we need to look back and see what we have already achieved.

When I applied that to my work history I got a similar list of great things (which I hope to place most of on my LinkedIn account).

Give it a go to help get over the depression of looking forward all the time. Reflection is a great tool and the Reverse Bucket List is a great tool to use.

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