Beautiful day in the ranges!

Isn’t it paradise?

I’ve had a horrible chest infection (so has my youngest!) Which originated from that massive shift around the black moon about 2 weeks ago. It hit us HARD in our household. I have a hideous cough lots of phlegm and I found myself yelling at everyone… it wasn’t until I sat down and had some quiet that I realised what I was actually struggling with. I felt like I wasn’t being heard.

I had had a few things I had been hesistating to talk to Ben about. A few of my friends had had some huge issues in their lives of late, and I had taken on the role of listener much of the time, but found that when I had something to say, they were distracted or not really present. And I felt like I had ben constantly repeating myself to the girls: The same requests and instructions every day.

So I made time to sit down with Ben, distraction free, and we argued, but in the end I felt like I’d gotten things off my chest (figuratively speaking, but hopefully it will help me in the literal sense too! 

And lucky me, I’m off to the Shepherdess Retreat tomorrow! Hurrah! Planning to take lots of pictures and suck all that knowledge in like a sponge! 

For now, blowing my nose, drinking water, packing and wearing my sodalite chunk.

Have a beautiful weekend, Friend x

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