Day one Nanowrimo


So I started, which I guess is the only way to begin.

1,000 words was my goal for each day – I’m not aiming to write that novel in my first real attempt. I have a few short story ideas that need to be put to bed – aka finished! Or at least explored enough to say they are dead and gone.

Today I worked on a science fiction piece, which mixes politics, family disaster, war and biology into a tragedy where the main character needs to make some decisions and finds out the truth to his past… At least that’s how I have it in mind for the moment.

The 1,00 words today extended the story to just over 4,000 words in total. I have a feeling the end result will be around the 10k mark (maybe more maybe less it depends)…

I plan to let this draft sit for a while and move on to some other ideas until I come back to edit and fix any error etc.

This way I might be able to get 2 or 3 short stories banged out in November and get me into the habit of writing more regularly…

I’ll post back sometime into the month and see how I am going.

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