2017 and beyond

So we are now well into 2017 and while I’m not doing this as a New Year resolution, it might have a similar theme.

First lets start with work. I was given an opportunity to look at what my team does and try to align it with another team, growing that team and improving the overall promotional power of the company. All good.

I drafted some notes and after a couple of meetings with CEO and Directors we came up with a amalgam of the two teams. Moving some people around, adjusting functions etc. Over all this meant that my position was not longer ‘high’ enough in the ranking to lead this team. Thus my position has been made redundant.

Yes I worked myself out of a job.

However, I do have an opportunity to apply for the new role, and indeed I am!


Thing with working as a public servant I can’t just be ‘given’ the new role I have to apply and thanks (at least in part) to the Union it is advertised externally. Fan-friken-tastic!

So the end of last year and beginning of this I have been working on my resume and getting all my ducks lined up to apply for what is essentially my own job. Joy!

This got me thinking about my future both with this organisation and in the public service in total. I’m not thinking about moving on just yet, I mean I may be forced to if I don’t have a job, but it’s a thought in the back of my mind at least.

So positives (because you should always look at them and give them more credence than any of that negative shit) I have a kick-arse resume and I know I have put my all into this application so if I don’t get it, it’s NOT my fault.

[So if anyone is looking for an Economic Development Manager, Tourism Manager or Promotions/Marketing guy… let me know!]

In the summer break, well break from kids as the in-laws kept them for the two weeks (yes I know we are lucky) I rediscovered painting miniatures and have setup my computer desk to double as a painting space – simply move keyboard and mouse and I can paint away… then move painting to other end and up on boxes out of reach of little fingers to dry.

It’s something I can do anytime I want without needing anything more than what I have.

The time also allowed me to clean up my gear, throw away old stuff and make sure it all works and is accessible.

My first real attempt in an age – Eldar (Space Elf)

I was also lucky enough to get my Dad’s old Dremel, he is not doing much handy work anymore and it was gathering dust in his shed. I plan to do some model working with it shortly – just need to paint the minis to go in the scene… something from Lord of the Rings me thinks!

Speak of which my parent celebrated their 50 Wedding Anniversary, it was great to be there in our recent trip for Christmas.

Mum and Dad at their Wedding Anniversary lunch

The clean up of my corner space (my “Man-corner” if you will) allowed me to check out the shame guitar – the one I have put off finishing for so long. I clean it up and have moved it out of the dark and into the light.

Not sure if that is to shame me into finally getting the tuning pegs and finish the bloody thing. But it sure reminded me how nice it looks… and it is a shame it isn’t getting used even if that use is by a wannabe guitarist drummer like me!

Really can’t wait to hear this baby…

The only thing that is holding me back with this is the cost of the tuners (and the fear I will stuff up the drilling and installation. So yeah… send money, a steady hand and confidence please!


It might be a dream at this stage, especially with the work situation, but we all need a good break away, a family adventure.

We have found the place to test our family ability to fly and travel in a foreign place.

Can you guess?


Oh yes we are off to Hobbiton (and some other random places in New Zealand). I would like to try it in a motorhome !!! But that might be taking it all one step too far!

So there you have it, some of the things I am going to try to do this calendar year (some quicker than others and some more than once!)

As I said not a resolution more a plan.

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