Sound of Music


“OK, let’s do this again.” Flame pulled a hand through her hair, like she wanted to pull all the frustration and angst out of her body.

Marshall’s sticks did a quick rapid-fire rata-tat-tat on the snare, ending with a loud crash. Blade shot a venomous stare toward the drum-kit, but Marshall was adjusting a nut on his floor tom.

“Enough!” Flame barked. “We have a gig in two days and we can’t even get the chorus change right”

he intro riff, repeating it twice. Then holding the last note he turned to catch the eyes of the bassist and drummer. A quick nod and he began again. This time the rhythm section joined in as one. Thumping open raw drums accompanied by the precise snapping bass guitar.

Flame closed her eyes as she stood cradling the microphone, swaying slightly as the music washed over her. Stuart’s guitar started to call out with it’s sharp notes, leading her to the start of the lyrics. The music enveloped her, becoming everything to her and everything with her was held in place.

The last note, perfectly in sync guitar, bass and drum, faded as Flame’s voice softly fell away.

“Fuck yeah” said Marshall. “That fuckin’ rocked”.

Blade even seemed to share a smile with his loud annoying friend, before the mask slide over once again.

Coming up from her revelry Flame turned to her band mates.

The wild boy behind the drums, almost jumping out of his skin with the energy and joy he had coursing through him.

The troubled sad bassist, had his head down, fingers running silently over the progression he had nailed with precision. He was almost startled and practised with disbelief that he had actually played the part.

Stuart seemed the least affect, his face turned away from hers, his body suggesting he was spent. Just as Flame was about to turn away she noticed the glistening tear fall from a dark eye. It was followed by more as tears streamed down his soft face, he turned to look directly at Flame. He face showed complete bliss, his tears pain as the pleasure left him.

Flame felt the power flowing in her, it was perfection. The song was ready, she was ready, it was her time to shine.

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