Long time between drinks…

Yes it has been a while since I posted something here.

Life has taken over as you probably can imagine – getting everything ready for the arrival of the Impending Doom (as we have started to call it)

Why Impending Doom? I hear you ask. Well that is easy to answer. It seems that most of our friends and family seem to feel the need to tell Anjel and myself how horrible the who birth experience is. Oh and to also mention how horrible it is to have sleep-less nights and a screaming child… Therefore this must be Impending Doom that is about to wash over our lives.

But wait… I am one of Three Children, Anjel one of two and most of our friends and family seem to have had more then one sibling or child themselves… If it is this bad and horrid why the hell do they go back for seconds or thirds or more?

What is the point of all this Doom-talk? Is it to prove that other people have had to go through something bad or is it just to make you feel bad if you have a ‘good’ birth experience?

Some people even seem to have the opinion that choosing (as we have) to deliver our bub at the maternity ward at our local hospital is in some ways ‘bad’ – ‘cause as we all know hospitals are evil and Doctors just want to ‘cut you open’. Excuse me!!! I know surgeons they hate having to operate when they can get away with it… it interrupts Golf you know! Besides I also know of mothers who would be dead now… get that DEAD if it wasn’t for a good Doctor who operated and not only saved Mum but Baby as well. Is that a bad thing?

Look I am very certain that having a Baby – i.e. giving birth – is not going to be a walk in the park. It’ll be one of the hardest things Anjel has to do… And I’ll be pleased as punch when it is all over and she has reached the goal of bringing this new life into the world. But I am sure (certain) that we will get through it and be better people because of it. I don’t care if Anjel uses every drug the hospital has – I don’t care if at some point the Midwife says I think she’ll need a C-Section. I hope and pray that Anjel has as ‘normal’ a delivery as possible and baby and Mum come out smiley and happy BUT I also am open to whatever is needed at the time.

And to that end – this blog will not tell stories of horror and mayhem… I will write about horrible experiences around birth. Just the truth. It will not be a Baby Blog either! I’m still do my normal things!

She said yes…

Somehow the above seems a timely, to me at least… check out Anjel’s page to find out why… (hint this is now my third time in this state… and I dare say the last) (and no I not one of the undead horde now… been that for ages on Facebook!)
Comic from here – great place to visit love the Trekkie test

Weekend Assignment #174: Humiliate Your Pet!

Weekend Assignment #174: Humiliate your pet! Show a picture or tell a story that features your pet doing something that’s goofy or silly, even for dumb animal. If you don’t currently have a pet, you can tell a pet story from a previous furry pal of yours, or pass along a pet humiliation story someone once shared with you.

Extra credit: Do you think your pet is actually humiliated?

Well really why should I bother when Anjel has already gotten our darling dog so humiliated with that darn life saving cap! … well I guess I missed out on this weeks challenge…

Oh well there is always next week…