Notice Something New?

I don’t suppose you would have noticed anything new with the site – but yeah I have added GoogleAdsense… not sure what this will mean maybe something maybe nothing – I guess if there is something that you like click away and I might get a little something for it! If not – I won’t be upset it is really only there to see what happens and it peaked my interest as a marketing student (we are always students even thought we might have a degree etc)

I have also place Danny Choo’s RSS feed at the top of the page – he is a great interest to me at the moment and I really like his stuff and what to help promote both what he has to say and my own interest in it. So check him out – no cash for that btw 🙂

I am also going to experiment with colour and other changes to the site so if things are different when you look back here for the next little while – I am sure to get bored with it at some point!


Windows Live Writer…

Hmmm I am writing this on the new (for me at any rate) Windows Live Writer.  Not 100% sure why I downloaded it with the latest Windows Messenger – it just seemed like a good idea at the time.  I seem to remember thinking “This might be an easy way to write my blog entries without having to log into my blog” not that that particular task is a difficult one just that it is one more step to blog and therefore one more chance for me to go… Nah I’ll do it later… and then not! Also this has automatic spell check… very handy for me.

So maybe I’ll write more from this little program, and maybe it will end up sitting in the Programs tab for all eternity and never be used… Only time will tell!


OK then I am quite proud of myself – I got a Youtube video enbedded in a post! OK so that was a small step but I am happy that I managed that… It means I can do some cool things and add more funness to my blog!

Nothing much else to say other then the Play Anjel and I are in has past that half way mark and we only have 4 performances left. It is totally sold out (before we opened – which is cool) and we are really getting some good responses, they laugh when they are suppose to and such!

The play is “It’s My Party… And I’ll Die If I Want To” by Elizabeth Coleman – a great Australian Playwright (although crap info about her on the web). It is so much fun and we all had a ball during rehearsals so it is good to also hear and see the audience having a great time with it as well. The play open with Ron Paterson (father of three and husband of one) telling the Audience that he has 111 minutes left to live… So he’s invited the kids around for sausage rolls and Salads (a kind of biscuit) – from there all the neurosis and problems of the family come out in a great Black Comedy.

So to get back on track I kind of feel a little sad that we have reached this part of the Plays Run and also a little relieved to because it is hard work doing a play – while working and all the other things that life has for us to do. I still wouldn’t change what I do though – I love the rush the feeling of walking out on stage into the lights and performing for all those people. It is a different performance every night and that is what makes it so exciting and great and challenging all at the same time.

Kinda miss it when it is gone…