Evil SMS

Straight from an unused X-Files episode –

The Egyptian Government has sought to dispel rumours that a mobile phone text message “from unknown foreign quarters” is spreading around the country and killing those who receive it.

Find the full story here – I could think of a few people to send this SMS to if only it were true!

Speaking of SMS I have a new Phone the Sony Ericsson W980 a Walkman style phone (for the music minded person in me). Here is a page from Sony Ericsson all about the phone and it’s features… For me thought it has great sized buttons, you can take OK pictures and hear and talk to people and SMS with ease. Flip style is something I really like as it protects both the phone and any random calls.


The sound quality on music is great through the headphones and not at all bad through the external speakers. And you can use any MP3 for ringtones without having to pay extra… I hate phones that only use ringtones from the companies…

All in all I am very happy with this phone! Having been using it for the last 3 weeks, it has taken me sometime to change my SMS technique (the space button is the # not the 0 as in my other phones).  And I am still getting used to some of the functions but I can see this becoming my new best friend – as most of my phones do – and I enjoy using it. Which is something that I cannot say about my last phone an LG… craptasic!


Interesting Links

The first link today is about my past… or more accurately a great anime series I saw as a child. As apparently the builder of this masterful piece of Lego … the Space Battleship Yamato. BB Link and Brickshelf link


Up next is an article from Joel Johnson about the PSP – I have a PSP, pretty much my first portable gaming device – OK so I do also have a Nintendo Gameboy… but I was not serious about that I only got one game!

I bought the PSP as an investment to the future of gaming I thought this was going to be the one machine I could take anywhere and do so much with; movie, music, games and pictures. It can do all this, I am not saying that it doesn’t. It’s just crap at doing it. The game titles are uninspiring and as for all the other things well I did download a program to convert DVD’s for playback but after all the upgrades and add-on’s SONY has put a stop to that. Hey I would love it if I could put my electronic PDF’ed (obtained legally) books on it to read – but alas I canna even do that.

So now sadly my PSP sits in it’s hard case gathering dust – every so often I get it out charge it up, reset the date and time and have a crack and playing something only to reminded that although a brilliant idea and a great piece of hardware there are just so many more BETTER things out there. I really wish I had bought a DS instead.

Signing off for now!

Behind the 8 Ball

Here are a couple of links for you fans out there…

Lolthulhu yes you read that right… go see NOW

When in doubt or when you need a question answered… go here ask and you shall recieve. Remember to SHAKE the ball do not just click…

Just been looking at some sites and I found a few links so enjoy them… have and am…

News on internet… we has it!!! WooT ofcourse that would be better if my computer was now not at the repair place (my friends house) getting a re install and re build – but hey when it gets back I can gets on the nets at home. ATM we (Anjel and I) are sharing a ‘puter so no joint WoW is occuring and that makes me sad… By the time I get back on the next expansion will be out! HA

Work news I start another short term contract for 8 weeks although this time I will be only working 5 days a week not 7 like last time and this position my even turn into a perminant Mon- Fri job so I can give up the weekend work and Anjel and I can have a day off together … scared? Hell yeah!!!

News News News

Well it has been a while since I dipped my net into the murky waters of Australian News sites… but I have found a few gems.

First up – imagine a time when a device the size of an iPod nano can hold 30,000 movies! Well it seems that scientists are looking at ways to manipulate atoms… makes sense it would be great to make storage devices smaller – although they need to remember that the device you view it on needs to be larger then say a needle point!!!

Second… OK so I am not a big fan of them BUT I still reserve the rights of individuals to wear whatever they like. This article is regarding a BAN of saggy baggy pants, in some cities in the US. Ummm isn’t this the land of the free?? what about the Bill of Rights?? Ummm anyway moving on. I think that things like this are a social issue not one that should be legislated. I think that if we paid no attention to them then like most teenage fads and fashion fads they will eventually die out – but alas this kind of action will just make more people aware of the injustice. Just because I don’t like the fashion doesn’t mean that people should not be allowed to express them selves.

Three… OK burning rubbish is that a good idea? If a place is over filled with rubbish and raw sewerage why not burn it all away? Does that sound like good environmental practice to you? Well no! but if you where to super heat the rubbish and destroy the harmful contaminates and then employ the poor people of the community to run the furnace and harness the heat from the burning for things such as heating water then you have a sound way to rid a place of rubbish and make something useful for the local area. Check it out – the thing that amazes me is that it was harder for him to make a low tech furnace. That is something we need to think about as we enter this ever changing world… what do we do with all the jobless if everything is done by machine and is automatic… something for a longer entry me thinks.

Four… You think your head is worth a lot… how about encasing it in diamonds and calling it art! $100 million for a skull – hey I could get you one from the local boneyard for less… of course you’ll have to arrange the diamonds…

Five… Good news regarding horror books from Australia – it seems that the trend of decent horror novels are growing in Australia with independent Publisher Tasmanic releasing a range of new authors and books. More about the upcoming range and the collaboration with British Horror write Paul Kane here. I admit that my taste in books lies firmly in the range of Fantasy and Science Fiction although I do love to wander in the world of Horror Fiction and really loved Joe Hill’s novel – even if it didn’t scare me as much as some people. I have Joe Hill’s new short story book on my wish list at Amazon and I really do think that he will develop into a author that I can read again and again. Now a horror Sci-Fi that would be something… Hmmmm

Well five is all I have time for so have a looksee and let me know what you all think about them or send me links for things that might interest me or people who read this blog.



OK time to get all practical and environmental on you all. I have just been visiting Todae and checking out there impressive catalogue of low power usage items, solar and wind power generators and assorted other items. Go and check them out if you have the time, I have selected a few items that I think are both useful and easy to use and install into your everyday house – then I get into the bigger and more fanciful items.

The picture above is a shower saver which can be viewed here it is really just a switch which turns off the water so you can soap without wasting water then switch the water back on to rinse off. This is something that I think would easy to use and something most homes could easily install.

LED lights, basically use put in LED light instead of Halogen globes or use them in the normal Bayonet or Edison Screw sockets. Prices range from $14.95 and they can

longer then normal globes. Go here to check out all the styles and types.

Portable Solar Charges, for anything from your Laptop to your mobile phone, all through the use of the Sun. The price point of $149 is steep for the initial costs but I guess you will make that back with use of the charger – as it can charge a range of items and has a USB port a standard Car Charger port and a lot of adaptors for popular phones etc it can be used to charge almost anything. Something to think of a special gift or purchase with the tax cheque. More info here

OK so you want to save 50% of your electricity bill – install one of these! At $17,000 it will take a few bills to save the initial cost but it is effective and very efficient! I worked out that own electricity bill is approx $1000 a year (give or take) so if I saved 50% that’ll be $500 a year so in 34 years I would make back that initial cost. It seems a little extreme and I guess if I were building a house and installed this as part of construction the cost would seem less… I am not sure though $17,000 is a lot of low power usage items that I could buy for my house and reduce my electricity usage through that… If costs are lowered on such items then I guess it could get better in the future.

But at least they are coming down in price and like all new technology as we get better making them the costs are reduced. So I say if you can afford panels on your home get them so people like me can one day actually afford to buy them…

I guess like most things it is do what you can, we really must look at ways we can change our behaviour and our usage of things like oil and power. I do not believe that nuclear energy is the way to go we can use Wind and Solar energy to create better sources of power.

I heard a scientist on the Morning Show on Triple J this week talk about the MANY uses of Oil other then burning for energy and I wonder if we will find ourselves at a point in the future unable to comprehend why we burned a resource that is so useful. Maybe then we will realise that sometimes economics and business are not the answer to our needs, maybe then we will kick ourselves for being so damn stupid. I doubt it though.

Games games games

OK folks here is my new ‘puter gamin’ list!

First up is a little number I downloaded today and YES even finished – the demo version – today as well (OK so you can only get to level 7 and that took all of an hour or so… but still!)

Puzzle Quest is the must have for all the old retro style gamers – Gem puzzle game mixed in with a bit of old style RPG action = Awesomeness in my book. Go here for the home page and here to download… have fun! Warning VERY addictive…

Second up is an upcoming release I know I am excited about and a few friends of mine are looking to buy a Wii JUST for this game…

To Quote from Gamedaily

Gamers don’t buy this game for Wii. They buy a Wii for this game.

What game is it I hear you ask… Resident Evil 4. Go here for more info!

Looks like the next few games head our way are going to be fun and so what scary…

Have fun!

Listing away those jobs…

I got this one via John Scalzi at By The Way a great little article on

How to Actually Execute Your To-Do List: or, Why Writing It Down Doesn’t Actually Get It Done

I am sure that we have all been there and experienced this, you have a list of things to do and no motivation to get any of them done, then at the end of the day you are stressed and annoyed with yourself because you have done nothing and still have the list in front of you.

I find that without a list I forget what needs to be done – so I use the list as a guide to make sure that I at least remember what needs to be done… somethings don’t need to be completed urgently other things might need to be done to a time frame – either way I have that satisfying moment when I can cross of items and move on… If there are more items crossed off then left on – I have had a good day.

Funny thing to note here is that I even put “fun” things on my list, for example today’s list is:-

*Vacuum floors
* Mop floor
* Do 1 load of washing
* Empty Bins
* Clean out microwave
* Play WoW

And tomorrows list has the all important

* Do anything you missed from yesterday

hehehe Hope I can get through today with nothing passing over to tomorrow so I can have a day off household stuff and build that puppy fence I promised to do…

Have a good one

Dalim’s Current Affairs

It has been a while since I did I how heap of news links so here they back with a vengeance

First cab off the ranks is our old friend the Judge who likes to sue over some missing (and returned) pants, here he tries to get the verdict over turned and the Immigrants lawyer has a few words to say about it.

The shop owners’ defence lawyer, Chris Manning, said the lawsuit already had created enough distress for his clients, Soo Chung, Jin Nam Chung and Ki Chung. He is pleading with Pearson to drop the case and move on.
“He does not appear to be giving up anytime soon,” Manning said.
“This is very unfortunate for the Chungs, the DC taxpayers and for Mr Pearson himself.”
Meanwhile, Manning has filed a motion in DC Superior Court asking it to require Pearson to pay for the Chungs’ tens of thousands of dollars in lawyer’s fees.

When will people learn that something stuff happens and hey they are only pants after all, when the law is treated like an ass it is an ass… just like this judge… who should be disbarred and made to run naked through the streets… don’t ask!

Number 2: Misdirected Judge, well this judgement left a sour in this mans life. When told by the Catholic Church that his son couldn’t attend school because of his last name. What the hell is wrong with the world?

Three: These following people also had a question to authority’s, “Is that bad smell a dead body… or worse?”

Four: If that smelled bad this one will leave a bad taste in your mouth. This one intrigues my marketing mind… offer something really cheap… have a time limit so you can only get that deal in a two hour period… have it via the Internet… then make sure your ISP cannot handle the flow… sit back and watch it all happen… oh and as for the bad press, well NOW more people know that you offer great deals, Oh the Internet breaking down ops sorry we’ll look into fixing that for next time – and make sure you join our club so you too can have the opportunity to get these great offers… let fly!

Five: Some are flying fast and benefiting from cutting costs it seems, also, that the kings of Consoles are cutting there prices, is this in time for the Christmas period? E3? Or just to gain more market share. As they loose ground across the board to the tiny and capable Wii, Sony and Microsoft are heading to battle each other with bigger Hard Drives and more features. The console wars continue.

Six: Speaking of battling it out, it seems that the divide between the fortunate few on Broadband and those on dial-up are getting greater by the minute.

That is all we have time for tonight… I wish you all the best and if you have story that we should hear about contact us here at Dalim’s Current Affairs and we’ll look into it for you.


Good news

Yes I have good news at last from the news centre, the jerk-off judge who sued a dry cleaners has LOST his case and will have to pay court costs.

What with Paris out of Gaol it seems to be a great week… here for exclusive footage!

Well mostly! (cue drum roll)

India, that source of all things good and wholesome (at least food wise), has the new best way to beat poachers… sic your croc on them!

But Mr Banerjee says large crocodiles leaping out of the water to attack prey or capsize boats and canoes are proving to be a good weapon.
“Unlike guard dogs, crocodiles cannot be tamed and are ferocious and can attack anyone in the swamps,” he said.

So beware would be poachers – I bought a croc and I’m not afraid to use it…

“Release the Crocs”

Sex Toys

Ok did that get your attention!

Now we can get down to the serious nature of this post. Yes I said serious!!! OK it seems that the Transportation Security Administration is out to get your Vibrator! Be ware – those nasty TRA people are out to spoil your private and orgasmic fun! Thankfully SFGate.com has some advice for all travellers to take heed of. here.

It make me fearful for people like Renee who is mentioned in the article as being humiliated by employees of Delta when her ‘toy’ turned on in her bag – alerting security staff to page her and then laugh and make up jokes at her (and her husbands) expense. These are the same people that are ‘guarding’ the USA against terrorist threats… Hmmm?

I suppose it is here that I make a few jokes about being able to take everything with you – even your best every sexual partner (you know the one, all the buttons work, it never leaves the seat up and best of all it only requires batteries)

Jokes aside this is an important issue of personal rights and proper behaviour of staff involved with being able to examine your personal space and things. Now I might not carry a Dildo with me or a vibrator, but maybe I choose to wear brief style underwear, or I have a incontinence issue and need pads or something else equally embarrassing and personal about myself. My bag requires opening at the airport – these people should be responsible enough to not turn into juvenile morons and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

The post has many recommendations on it regarding how to pack your valuable belongings so take the time and check it over – remember with anything like this use your commonsense and pack it the check-in luggage. Or buy new toys at your destination!

Oh and thanks to Constance for that link – although I am not sure why she thought that I might need that kind of information… ummm yes well


We are currently battering down the hatches and awaiting the storm… according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology we are expecting a large storm front to hit the coast line right where we live (well we are in land a fair way but still expect it). Forecast strong winds (maybe as high as Storm). New stations are prepared – to take your pictures and stories… SMH has a special hot line for mobile phone pictures, and the new look ABC site has some dire warnings.

With the storm last week in Newcastle hot in everyone mind we are all expecting something sever and dangerous. Hopefully, even if the storm is worse, we will not suffer the loss of life and injury that occur ed in the Newcastle area.

On to something else News related – the ABC site no longer has the ‘Offbeat’ section. this section used to post stories of a strange or weird nature. Funny things like those I have posted here. i am shocked and appalled at this removal. It was my most read section of all the news!!! Boo ABC Boo!!!

No no don’t panic I found it – in the new ‘My Tab’ section… OK all is right with the world! fear not young man! yes I mean you…

To celebrate and make the Australian Customs officers feel better about there jobs after the above post, here is this little one about smuggling reptiles into Australia. Enjoy.