And Justice for all…

No not a homage to Metallica – the greatest Garage Band in the world.

Remember back a few months to when I mentioned the Judge in USA who sued a dry cleaning business over some missing pants – sued for $60 million!! Well some more good news on that case – not only was the case thrown out but it seems that Payback kinda sucks…

The Judge, one Roy Pearson, will not be reappointed when his term runs out.

Read all about it here.

Finally something good out of the news…


Something to think about in our short lives – they don’t even know how long this clam ‘could’ have lived! If only it could talk!

The ocean quahog clam was dredged from the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Iceland.
Researchers from Bangor University worked out the clam’s age by counting the rings on its eight-and-a-half centimetre shell.
The clam’s life started in 1602, when Queen Elizabeth I was still on the throne of England, and William Shakespeare was in his prime.

This comes at a strange time as I am reading Heinlein’s Time Enough For Love, the story about Lazarus Long the man who is over 2,500 years old. So what would you do, could you do in all that time?

Imagine knowing that time was not fleeting anymore that you can learn what ever you want to survive and thrive no matter how long it took and still have time for all the other things – or will you learn that none of that matters and it is living in the present RIGHT NOW that is really the most important…

Thought for the day… do you think you would cope with eternity?

I don’t think I would – I would have used the suicide button long before… especially if everyone I knew and loved had gone away… or I would be so set in my ways that no one could ever be expected to ‘fit’ into my life…

Good news

Yes I have good news at last from the news centre, the jerk-off judge who sued a dry cleaners has LOST his case and will have to pay court costs.

What with Paris out of Gaol it seems to be a great week… here for exclusive footage!

Well mostly! (cue drum roll)

India, that source of all things good and wholesome (at least food wise), has the new best way to beat poachers… sic your croc on them!

But Mr Banerjee says large crocodiles leaping out of the water to attack prey or capsize boats and canoes are proving to be a good weapon.
“Unlike guard dogs, crocodiles cannot be tamed and are ferocious and can attack anyone in the swamps,” he said.

So beware would be poachers – I bought a croc and I’m not afraid to use it…

“Release the Crocs”

Sex Toys

Ok did that get your attention!

Now we can get down to the serious nature of this post. Yes I said serious!!! OK it seems that the Transportation Security Administration is out to get your Vibrator! Be ware – those nasty TRA people are out to spoil your private and orgasmic fun! Thankfully has some advice for all travellers to take heed of. here.

It make me fearful for people like Renee who is mentioned in the article as being humiliated by employees of Delta when her ‘toy’ turned on in her bag – alerting security staff to page her and then laugh and make up jokes at her (and her husbands) expense. These are the same people that are ‘guarding’ the USA against terrorist threats… Hmmm?

I suppose it is here that I make a few jokes about being able to take everything with you – even your best every sexual partner (you know the one, all the buttons work, it never leaves the seat up and best of all it only requires batteries)

Jokes aside this is an important issue of personal rights and proper behaviour of staff involved with being able to examine your personal space and things. Now I might not carry a Dildo with me or a vibrator, but maybe I choose to wear brief style underwear, or I have a incontinence issue and need pads or something else equally embarrassing and personal about myself. My bag requires opening at the airport – these people should be responsible enough to not turn into juvenile morons and treat everyone with dignity and respect.

The post has many recommendations on it regarding how to pack your valuable belongings so take the time and check it over – remember with anything like this use your commonsense and pack it the check-in luggage. Or buy new toys at your destination!

Oh and thanks to Constance for that link – although I am not sure why she thought that I might need that kind of information… ummm yes well


We are currently battering down the hatches and awaiting the storm… according to the Australian Bureau of Meteorology we are expecting a large storm front to hit the coast line right where we live (well we are in land a fair way but still expect it). Forecast strong winds (maybe as high as Storm). New stations are prepared – to take your pictures and stories… SMH has a special hot line for mobile phone pictures, and the new look ABC site has some dire warnings.

With the storm last week in Newcastle hot in everyone mind we are all expecting something sever and dangerous. Hopefully, even if the storm is worse, we will not suffer the loss of life and injury that occur ed in the Newcastle area.

On to something else News related – the ABC site no longer has the ‘Offbeat’ section. this section used to post stories of a strange or weird nature. Funny things like those I have posted here. i am shocked and appalled at this removal. It was my most read section of all the news!!! Boo ABC Boo!!!

No no don’t panic I found it – in the new ‘My Tab’ section… OK all is right with the world! fear not young man! yes I mean you…

To celebrate and make the Australian Customs officers feel better about there jobs after the above post, here is this little one about smuggling reptiles into Australia. Enjoy.

Maybe There is Hope

Polish man awakes to find Communism gone! In shocking news straight from the presses at the ABC a Polish man who after an accident was left in a coma has awaken to find that Communism is gone from his homeland.

The report does not say that he longs for a return of meat rationing and vinegar tea, so I assume that he is happy with the current situation in Poland. I wish him all the best and hope that he awakes tomorrow morning being able to walk again.

I can see it now, hundreds of thousand of people all over the world are lining up to get put into comas just to avoid admitting that their current leaders are total smackheads. I know I have asked my Doctor to put me under but alas he cannot do so due to ethics and the like. I might look into travelling overseas like so many cosmetic surgery patients have – but I am not sure I need new breasts just yet.

Looks like I will have to wait until the next election and hope. Or move to New Zealand.

In other news Spain looks like the place to be for 2008! With Elvis on the Council and a new Nudist Pool opening in the Town Square Reus might just be THE place to BE.

Alas I am sorry to disappoint all the budding young reality show-files out there. But the Danish Reality show based around competitors battling it out for a chance to have a kidney was a hoax! How could TV have come so low as to LIE to us – the viewing public. I was hoping to be able to watch the losers die a slow and lingering death as the winner proudly showed off his new kidney. How could they do this?

That is all.