Where I blame Jeff

I saw this post of Jeff’s just a few short minutes ago… So egar I was to jump on his band wagon I went to the LibraryThing site – became a member and started to put my Library on to the site. (Not that I blame Jeff for any of this – great idea – Fabulous even… read on for further explanation.)

Now I really think it would be a great idea for both myself to know what books I have and for other people to check out my books but what a Horrid process it is to upload your library – it takes so many steps to get your book choice on to you shelf… no really let me explain.

First you click the tab Add Book (so far so easy) then you Search for your key word (say Feist as I have nearly all of them… in fact I think I do have all his books) his books come up straight from Amazon or what ever source you want. Here is the many problem – you can only select one book at a time (and that process takes you through two steps) Why oh Why can’t you select all the books you want to add from the one search I do not know.

Then I noticed the Tools tab and checked that out… What a Blog Widget!!! From which people can search my Library from my Blog AWESOME – If the FUCKING thing worked – I did it twice and for some reason my Widget searches a Group in Maine… Maine I live in Aust-Fucking-stralia PEOPLE!!! The other side of the world to Maine….

So great idea totally screwed up by bad programing and a stupid system to add books and thing to the library – I will leave it for tonight and go back to it when I am more awake – but if it is still stupid and not just me I will be removing myself…

Wait a minute – even when you say find a book you have in another persons library and you click on the Add To Your Library button – it takes you to the search page and you have to find your book again… WTF?

***Update I changed to the Show Random Books from my Library – this seems to work… and I think all the rest of the users are happy with slowly adding books to their library – I think the way to do it is to add by ISBN – time I do not have right now so laters***


OK so normally I am not like my good blog friend Jeff a Ranter… well mostly I am not – but today I will be!!!

I was in the City earlier in the week – we spent two days there while my better half was doing a course for her work – all good there I spent one day walking around the shops at the biggest Shopping Centre in Australia !!! Whoa – only problem was it is so hard to find your way around I ended up going past the same shops half a dozen times and probable missed out on heaps that I never saw… stupid shopping Centres!

Anyway the next day I planned on seeing a friend of mine approx 30 minute drive from Anjels course… So I dropped her off and headed off to Dave’s…

IT TOOK ME 1 HOUR 30 to get there… A WHOLE hour extra then it should have – and why???

Because some nutjob told a bus driver he had a bomb in his luggage!! A nutjob that looked from the top a lot like Dan Rutter… but the less said the better about that… I hope that wasn’t you Dan I would be very disappointed!

So OK I had to go a detour and the police where very good at setting us up to go a different way and avoid the potential explosion! Go Police yay! (seriously they where very quick to set up alternative routes and direct the traffic etc)

So in order to go the alternative route we had to merge lanes – all good and well. The cars in front of me did the proper and polite think of one car move one car in one car move one car in… except the RUDE IGNORANT SO FAR UP HERSELF SHE IS THE RIGHT WAY AROUND woman who pushed in behind me to take the spot the truck was making for me. AND if that wasn’t RUDE enough another driver (female as well NOT that I think that is the reason why) pushing in FROM THE OTHER LANE – THE LANE THAT DID NOT HAVE TO MERGE AT ALL. Thank fully the nice truck behind them still let me in to the spot he was making for me. A Big thank you!

When we are all in a difficult situations such as these circumstance the BEST in people should come out – like letting people merge easily, waiting your turn, and understanding that we are all in a rush or late but there is NOTHING that you can do about it. So sit back relax and be patient.

This makes me welcome the fact that our rush hour here revolves around school times and in over in 30 mins… flexible work hours fixes that for me…

News Links and comments

19th century harpoon found in whale YES you read that right they found a 100 year old harpoon in a whale caught this year. There is still so much that we do not know about these creatures and yet still we needlessly kill them and make them suffer. OK I may be a hypocrite in that I still eat meat (quite enjoy it actually) but I do not like the senseless killing and blatant disregard of the general thoughts and feelings that people like the Japanese have. Admittedly that this whale was killed by the Alaska’s Inupiat people, in some kind of traditional manner which I won’t discuss here and now.
So we find out that this whale may be as old as 130 years and we still are happy as a World (not nations or even regions) to let countries go out and slaughter these animals for nothing more then desire to eat there flesh. We have enough food and I know we 1st world nations eat far to much of our share and yes we could reduce the amount of meat we eat. But still these are creatures who are intelligent and may very well be able to communicate and think amongst themselves – we just don’t know.

Still in the Asian region; Chinese surname shortage sparks rethink. I had no idea that there where only 100 surnames in Chinese. I mean I had the normal white European theory that they all looked alike (joke) but I didn’t know they all had a 1 in 100 chance of having the same last name. I suppose that would make things easier. Phone books could be divided into 100 easy sections, most adults would know how to spell every last name (no more ‘can you spell that please’ – my partner and me get that a lot, she more then me (2V’s 2 C’s – I’ll say no more!)).
As an aside to this article I kind of like the idea that parents can choose which surname there children take, mother or father, instead of the traditional European where the Fathers is chosen.

Judge sues for $64m over lost pants in an example of the over litigiousness in the USA. How can a justice system stay functional when those that are judging crime are responsible for such silliness. I think that this Judge should be made to pay for all the wasted court time and ordered to stand out side the shop apologising to each and every customer for at least the rest of the year. That is after he is thrown out of his job! I on one hand know when I am out done, look here and see what real anger can make you post! Not that I agree with all this guys comments I might be convinced to send a turd in the mail to the Judge just for kicks! This place has some good comments at the bottom of the post. OK enough of stupid Judges on to bigger and better things.

Australia needs fibre to the home and no I have not suddenly begun to think about your daily fibre intake – although I suppose you should eat more fibre, it makes me regular! I mean the sort of fibre that makes the Internet come alive and really be faster then dial-up! Fibre to the Home or to the Node (FTTH, FTTN) Apparently we have to choose very soon.
Why should I want FTTH well this paragraph just about sums it up

We should choose FTTH. The FTTN model requires Telstra’s copper to join homes to the node. Aside from technical limitations, this would give Telstra an effective monopoly. Prices would remind remain high and innovative uses would be stifled.

For too long have we struggled under the weight of this enlarged doona, tell us what we want and for too long has the Federal Government stood aside and let this happen. I remember I wrote to Senator the Hon Helen Coonan, about my fears and thoughts on the availability of fast Internet in Australia – I got a form letter back in reply saying that the government was doing all it could… well Senator here is something you can do – support FTTH and remove the virtual monopoly that Telstra has! If you wish to add your support to FTTH or other thoughts on the Internet and communication send an email to minister@dcita.gov.au and have your say.

OK that ends my Rant for this week – or at least today.

I hope you have happiness thrust upon you all! Good night.

Must haves and Will do’s

OK Now you all know that I am totally against putting links in my posts… (What? I can try to fool you all) but you HAVE to check out this post from John Scalzi and also send him money and MAKE him go if only for the post he WILL write about it.
For those who need to know before you go.
Certain right wing christian groups have opened up a Creation Museum down the road from John. The Museum (and I use that term with some reservations) is a “walk through history.” Designed by a former Universal Studios exhibit director, this state-of-the-art 60,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life.” Which says that evolution is incorrect and that such things like Dinosaur us actually existed along side Humans. Now I do not care what people believe in or what they think about Gods and Religions. I am though totally against religion taking the place of science in our society and people and organisations like the Creation Museum which promote Religion as a science and not a belief system.
So support Scalzi and stop this before it is too late, and we have creation taught as science in schools in Australia (or more places in USA, UK etc)

Gaming Related Injury

More horror from the stupid and lame.

A US Doctor, yes I wrote Doctor, has become the latest idiot in a serious of idiocy since the creation of youtube. He claims to have created a new injury namely ‘Wiiitis’, because he hurt his shoulder play Wii Tennis for too long. I am sorry who the hell at the New England Journal of Medicine let this moron publish a letter on gaming related injury – and allowed him to state the term Wiiitis?? Hello WTF!! A JOURNAL allowed this through – oh please tell me this is one of those ‘joke’ letters that the editor makes a little comment on at the end – tongue in cheek kind of thing. I think enough stupid unskilled Gamers have done silly things when they should know better – to not have to make them more popular and create more attention to them by printing letters of there stupidity. OK Rant over!

On the other side I really like my Wii and I like the way I can play games such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance with my friends and Anjel – and that she doesn’t feel like she is being left behind because it IS a fun gaming system that is not too hard to master. I love the little mini games that come with the system, Zelda a little more of a challenge, and all the Virtual Console stuff really sells me. I can play Sonic the Hedgehog till morning and save it turn off the system and start again 3 weeks later where I left off… Brilliant!

Basically the system is easy to use, fun and most of all for me it is equally good as a single player system as it is for multi-player gaming.

I highly recommend it for anyone!