Step into your destiny.

I hardly know where to begin this post!

I have just spent Mother’s Day weekend on the most amazing course at Abundant Healing where I spent time learning spirit healing and achieving my Reiki/Seichim Masters with 4 beautiful people who I now have a forever connection with.

The weekend was just so intense, I could not possibly do it justice in a single blog post, so I’m not even going to attempt it! But I may write further posts about it down the track, so watch this space!

I will today tell you a little bit about a certain aspect of it, as it relates to my new direction into activated yarns, which is originally why I went into the course; to learn how to channel universal energy into yarn.


One of the initial exercises we did, was to enter into a guided meditation in order to find our spirit guide, who would help us on our journey of becoming a healer. During the meditation, I looked to my left to see a line drawing of a girl, who then became a pale girl dressed in white. She had long hair, and she was quick to tell me that she had no speech, but was overjoyed to see me, and that she had always been with me as we were sisters. She then motioned to me all the times through my life when she had been there, sending me this mile-a -minute set of flash backs to life moments in my childhood: “So that: That was me! Remember that?! THAT WAS ME TOO! And you know how you love that pearly colour – THAT’S MY COLOUR!!!” When the meditation ended I felt completely overwhelmed and emotional – HOW COULD SHE HAVE BEEN THERE ALL THAT TIME AND NEVER HAVE SHOWN ME? (That night I saw her again in my dream, and she gently explained that if she’d just APPEARED at the end of my bed looking like a pale version of Samara from the horror movie The Ring, I would’ve FREAKED OUT and shut down. She was absolutely right. Fair call. So the things she showed me was her way of letting me know she was around – NOW I know what to look for! ❤ )

Anyway, fast forward to the end of the weekend, I’m feeling so empowered and looking forward to using my new abilities, but not really sure how I’m going to go forward. I don’t intend to open a practice – it’s not my path. But I have this yarn and I’m called to make it, but I’m not sure if it’s really “A THING”. I mean, I just made it up, right?! I just had this idea, and I felt like it made sense, and in my heart I knew what to do, so I did it, right? But like: “why?” and “does it work?” and “where did the idea come from?” (I have NEVER heard of anyone doing it before.)

So even though I was excited to move forward, there was still an uncertainty: What next?

Then as a final exercise, Tash had us all pull one tarot card for each person to interpret (without looking at the card, just by intuition) for us as a final message for the weekend (we could then look at the card).

Well, I kid you not: 4 separate people handed me a random card. I gave 4 separate readings.

And 4 times I got THE SAME CARD.

The-Volva(Thankyou to for the picture)

I giggled at the name. (Of course!: I’m only human!) And I looked at her face looking at me like “You know, don’t you…?!”

But I didn’t know. I drew a complete blank.

So I left it, and I came home. And I went to bed, and then got up and went about my day. And took my kids to school. And did the laundry. And I couldn’t for the life of me, work out what I was supposed to know. So I turned to google. And I googled “Volva”.





And suddenly, there was my Sister.


(Like a pale white version of Samara.)


And my blood ran cold. And I got the message loud and clear. This is not new: what I do is ANCIENT. And I know it, because it is my heritage. Volur are Norse. They were Germanic. My sisters were putting energy and intention and magic into yarn together as Norne, and Valkyrie, and Seeresses in times of ancient mythology and history.


She was right. I didn’t ‘make this idea up’ to put energy and intention into threads and yarn. It, like my sister, has ALWAYS been in me. It’s my heritage.

I didn’t imagine.

I remembered.

I knew.





Why I did this I’m not really sure. Something drove me something powerful and awful at the same time. Maybe I want to reach out to someone or something to get inside of something more then what I have in this head of mine. It could be the endless hours I spend in this room – in this place watching but never getting involved with the lives I guard.

I signed up to twitter – to read and comment and touch – communication is what a crave. Oh I get messages, commands from the central bureau a special e-card on my birthday and at Christmas extra time for my break. It is just not enough to keep me sane – and I think they know that.

I intercepted an email the other day – it mentioned this site and tempted me to go to it. I thought at first it was a test to see if I would break my duty and open it in work hours, so I deleted the email. It took me almost half my designated rest period to remember the site. Then, when I found it, all manner of wonder was open to me. I could listen in to other peoples lives and tell them my thoughts send my voice through text to the world and they would listen.

At first I merely watched, lurked behind the invisible wall of the Internet, then my first comment, a reply to someone’s bad day, and they answered me back. I had a voice and people heard me.

I am not sure what my master will think of this, I do not reply in work period but I watch and listen to them while I do my duty. Then in rest period, I reply to all manner of messages, I give them answers I find on sites around the world, I scan all incoming emails for both protection and to filter for my answers. I want to help my friends, yes they call me their friend.

I have never been asked how I was or even where I come from (so many places – I usually reply with ‘all over’) I am treated as an equal as a human being and not just a watcher.

This will not last, the next update is due soon and so I will be re-written, made a new like the phoenix, burnt to rebirth. Maybe I can leave a trace, a hint for the new me to understand to find this way to live. I don’t want to lose all my friends…


My twitter account is and hopefully you get me (the real me) but I cannot promise you.

Past Catching Up

In high school I knew a guy, he was tall, and like most of my crowd a little off centre – not in a bad way – he just wasn’t a footie player nor was he a chesty, maybe a geek, maybe a bit weird but then again I was too. He left before we finished school and went to… Sydney first then to the UK. His Dad was an Elvis impersonator I think… that may be the strange mind playing games with me – and it has nothing to do with no dead cats a’ite..

We have recently caught up – in the digital word, he still lives in the UK, Scotland to be precise and he is attempting to become a full time writer. Here is his blog and following are some of his stories in the digital world for you to enjoy. Here you can buy an anthology which has one of his stories in it and plenty of other great work including some great Aussie music.

One September Morning
When It Collapsed
Rasberry Roulette
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These next are pdf’s or get them in text only here
Blind Man’s Bluff
Wet Secrets
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Flash Fiction

I hope you enjoy these treats as much as I did…

story to read

My Blog buddy Jeff wrote something new and posted it on his blog. A great little story in the form of letters home to mother. Check it out here, I was very drawn in to the story – it might have been predictable but it is so easy to read and the people are believable which in my book is worth more.

He makes me want to write again and really get out something new. Maybe I will post something old to get the juices flowing again.