And Justice for all…

No not a homage to Metallica – the greatest Garage Band in the world.

Remember back a few months to when I mentioned the Judge in USA who sued a dry cleaning business over some missing pants – sued for $60 million!! Well some more good news on that case – not only was the case thrown out but it seems that Payback kinda sucks…

The Judge, one Roy Pearson, will not be reappointed when his term runs out.

Read all about it here.

Finally something good out of the news…


Stupid Sayings

First up I am guilty of these… so very guilty yet it is only when you hear it from someone else that you realise just how stupid they sound. I am ofcourse talking about stupid sayings.

Take this for example; I just heard a lady, well lets call her elderly… of the grey hair brigade… a doddering old doll… a geriatric… Alrightly then, an old fart come up to the counter at work telling us how she had just come in from a local market and that it was “as cold as” out there. Wait a minute as cold as… what? A freezer? The fifth floor of the Sydney Myer building? As cold as the weather is outside the office right now? I do not understand this saying, if it was followed up with a reference point it would make more sense but with nothing it means nothing to me. For example “At the market it was as cold as the freezer section in (local supermarket)”. I understand how cold that is, I have a reference. I may not believe it as it is sunny today with little cloud and the weather site on line tells me it is 20 degree C at the moment which to me if far from the freezer section. But I have a point at which to understand her precept ion of the temperature at the market.

I am sure there are more sayings then this one that would annoy me or you, so get the debate happening either on your blog (and link in here) or in the comments section. Attached stories are worth more points (what these points are… I dunno just points in general I guess).