The Cure – Reflecting on Reflections

OK so I wrote this really long post about the concert… then the Internet ate it…

So instead I’m not going to review the show – I’m going to tell you how this whole experience has made me feel… if you want to read a review might I suggest here which is my mate…

So The Cure… I first heard them when I was a teenager… I must have heard them on the radio but the moment when I really took notice was in a car parked in my mates driveway (a farm in Terara NSW). He had a tape (probably a copy) of this band he liked. It was Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me and we listened to the whole album 4 of us jammed into the car… lucky we didn’t drain the battery… That for me was the moment I remember that I realised that this band, this group meant more to me then a single, or an album. The songs touched me and reach out to me… Even more when I started to get the back catalogue (again mostly through tapes coping mates CD’s then returning the favour when I got a few albums on CD – don’t judge me it was the 90’s and we were all doing it!!!)

It was all we could do to get all the albums all the live material and Video’s (yes VHS type videos) of the band… Many nights I spent recording RAGE on ABC to edit out the rare Cure film clip to a battered VHS, we shared and traded these rare clips like gold… not realising in years to come you would be able You Tube them… or buy a DVD full of them all!

Then Wish came out and a tour was announced.

This was 1992 and I was 16 years old…

My mate’s Mum took us, three of the original 4 (and Tim’s little sister – Tim was in Brazil, he got girls we got the Cure – I think we won, girls blah they are everywhere)

I would see them 5 more times after that first concert… and all of the shows were different. I even have a list of the tracks played – it is quite impressive with many songs that are rarely (if ever) played live. I was happy to have been able to see them so often and with such great company and with a great crowd of Cure fans…

Then Reflections was announced. A twin to the previous Trilogy (Pornography, Disintegration, Bloodflowers) but for the first three albums. This would take us on a journey from the post punk Cure to the beginnings of the Goth era. Albums that gave us such seminal hits as Three Imaginary Boys, A Forest, Primary – the lead in to the dark Pornography – which in turns leads into the pop – top 20 hits of the mid – late 80’s and 90’s. This was the beginning, the start, the raw unformed Cure… This would be a once in a lifetime event and I had to be part of this. We all had to be.

The trio got back in touch and between us we hatched a plan on how to get tickets. We would all go online, pre-registered and ready for the opening of the ticket sales… We would be 3 against many thousands wanting to get the 4,000 tickets (spread over two nights). We had little chance, almost none, but still we would try – we had to.

It was Tuesday when I got the email, two whole days before the launch, “You’re going to the Cure” read the subject line… that was all nothing more. I rang almost immediately to find out what that meant, was it true? If so how?

Apparently the demand from out of State and indeed overseas was so high the ticket seller released some tickets early to allow time for travel arrangement and such.  One of the subscribers who got that early notice posted the information on a Cure web forum. Col was at home that day, checking Twitter when he got notice of the advance sale. He lives out of NSW (therefore out of State) – without hesitation he bought 4 tickets for the first night and forwarded an email to us all. We really were going…

It strange – I really didn’t think I would get to see them. We stood an almost zero chance and yet fate played the cards we needed and we went.

What was it like?

It was magical… from the friends I went with who like me grew up with the Cure, knew all the words (and even how to play); to the two lovely French guys we met who had traveled out to see the show. The fans around us were dedicated fans, ones who lived and breathed the Cure (sometimes more heavily then others) but they all were there to be part of something special. This would NEVER happen again.

I am glad that they filmed this event so that not only can I have my memories but I can re-live them again when I play the DVD… hear the crowd roar at the opening of A Forest feel the vibe of good vibrations as Lol Tolhurst entered the stage for the first time with the band since 1989… It was more then a show, more then a concert, it was a home coming, an affirmation from all the dedicated fans but mostly it was a gift from my favourite band to me (and 3,999+ other people)

You know what is so special about living in the future? I can share part of that with you… You Tube it and see for yourself – but for me this song sums up so many memories… I’m sure I have a scratched, flickering VHS somewhere with this film clip – why not a video phone short grab instead…


OK thank you Jeff for getting the info I guess you checked out The Cure’s site which I checked at work today but alas had no time to post from. Lots to do and I couldn’t hide in my office and Blog like I wanted too… Not that I do that… Oh no!!

So yeah I am excited and I have a posse of friends that we are going with. Just need to get all arrange how many of us are actually going and if we can spend the night in the City – which I would prefer to do as we might as well make a night out of it.


I have bought the new Cure DVD which I will have to watch – Hmmm maybe Sunday night as there will be no play then…

OK then all for now I might blog later tomorrow!!

Thanks again Jeff!

Coming soon…

OH MY GOD!!! Yes I heard it today and it is all true – My favourite band of all time is touring Australia again in August!

THE CURE are coming!!!

Woot WaYoo and assorted exclamations of joy!!!

Tell you more when I get the info.. but YAY!!! Happiness all round.
Image from xkcd funny bloke although a little bit mathy for me!

The Love Cats

Why that title – well The Cure are playing on the radio at the moment. What a great song, klinky keyboard and the odd little Rawwwl every now and then. This song was from the Japanese Whispers album when a large percentage of the band left (or where pushed out) leaving mainly Robert Smith and Lol Tolhurst to keep it all going. A strange little album, it was VERY pop from the kings of Moprock – most famous for the brilliance and depression of albums like “Pornography” and “Faith” (some of my Fav all time albums – I even have “Faith” on vinyl).
Lovecats was also around the time that Robert joined “Siouxsie and the Banshees” and also joined up with Steven Sevenrin from Banshees to form “The Glove” and they released the album “Blue Sunshine“.

Once again what turned out to start off as a chat about a song I heard on the radio I turned on – explanation mode – and tell you all about one of (OK THE) my favourite bands. Very pleased to know that I got it all right from my memory, checked all my facts as I link to the Wiki pages for your convince (smiley grin right now!)

Topic for my readers…

So what is your favourite Music and what makes it so good. I think that we should make some ground rules for this. I want One (1) response and a good explanation – link to your blog in the comments section or leave answer as a comment. Your response can be a song, a band, a style/genre of music the choice is yours BUT it can only be one – I know you have many – I do – but I only want to hear from one.


So why do I like The Cure, what makes them great – to me.
Firstly the music is simple and yet still has complexity to it. I like the Vocals – they are not great, not earth shattering – I can sing along !! The lyrics tell me a story, sometimes I can relate to the topic other times not but still the story makes me feel like I am part of the song. The Cure has evolved for many years from the late 70’s punk/rock, to the goth, pop, styles until now they are a style and genre into themselves. I used the term above Moprock which I think is what The Cure sound is to me. No it is not in Wikipedia but maybe it should be. I dunno. Alternative Rock, Goth Rock, even Brit Pop can all describe The Cure at various points in there career.
I love the sounds that the musicians have made, from Robert early days with is 10 pound guitar and Tolhurst simple easy drum beats, to the heyday of Disintegration – raw Porl Thompson guitar, keys/sythn sounds and The WONDERFUL Boris Williams on drums (GOD). Clearly this is MY standout album and the DVD The Cure – Trilogy which is a live recording of the three similar themed albums, Pornography, Disintegration and Bloodflowers is such an awe inspiring concert – wish I was there!
I first ‘found’ The Cure through my friend Zles as a teenager and many of the songs bring me back to that place in my early-mid teens, when everything else was too much to handle this music gave me life and a place.
From Pop to Rock there is always a song that can take me to that moment in The Cures arsenal.
So to sum it all up The Cure means many things to me, teenage life, making music, inspiration as well as a meaningful and realistic sense of place via the music that I listen to. I know that for what ever mood I am in I can listen to a Cure song which highlights and impacts that mood more. The songs and music make me feel whole and alive – and sometimes makes me feel better because I know it is there.