Super Mario Galaxy

That’s it… I’ve beating Bowser for the last time… I have finished Super Mario Galaxy!!!

What a fab game it is too. If you have a Wii and you have not even played Super Mario Galaxy – WTF??? go out and get it, hire it, borrow it (like I did) it is so much fun and a little challenging in places as well.


Dazza you can has your game back now… but I still need to unlock those extra galaxies… umm maybe in a few weeks… you talk to my people and they’ll let you know. KTHXBAI

Resident Evil 4 – Wii

OK so I have become a little game Obsessed at the moment… It must be the cold weather and the extra time I have from work atm… I need something to do with my days and gaming seems like a good idea. Hey at least I am not wondering the streets – although I could really get into writing – which I do plan to do – Scratch that I WILL TOMORROW write at least something.
Anyway I was going to write about RE4 for the Wii which I bought on a whim last week and BOY it is cool! Very much a FPS (First Person Shooter) with a little bit of a difference and that comes through the Unique Wii controller. You can aim with the Remote and you move with the Nunchuk – but it all seems so much easier then say when I played Bioshock the other day on the Xbox 360 – is that me or is it the Wii controls? I can’t answer that without further study. But friends of mine whom have played all the RE games for the PS2 said straight away that this version was faster (in turning) and possibly more easier to play due to the aiming and use of the controllers.
So what do I think? Well the story line is really good and the games play really well although I sometimes get a bit arressive and shoot too much and run out of ammo! I think that sometimes I am suppose to just run or what for a timed cut scene – I guess I just have to realise that I canna kill them all – they just keep coming!!!
So what will I give the game being that I am only up to chapter 3 – 9/10 atm – that could go up as I get further into the game.
Anyway If there is one reason to buy a Wii then this is the game !!! It does everything that the Wii is capable of doing and offer the best type of game play that the system offer – in the realm of hardcore gaming that is.

Games games games

OK folks here is my new ‘puter gamin’ list!

First up is a little number I downloaded today and YES even finished – the demo version – today as well (OK so you can only get to level 7 and that took all of an hour or so… but still!)

Puzzle Quest is the must have for all the old retro style gamers – Gem puzzle game mixed in with a bit of old style RPG action = Awesomeness in my book. Go here for the home page and here to download… have fun! Warning VERY addictive…

Second up is an upcoming release I know I am excited about and a few friends of mine are looking to buy a Wii JUST for this game…

To Quote from Gamedaily

Gamers don’t buy this game for Wii. They buy a Wii for this game.

What game is it I hear you ask… Resident Evil 4. Go here for more info!

Looks like the next few games head our way are going to be fun and so what scary…

Have fun!

Wii Wii Wii all the way home

I got a message from a friend of mine – the subject read “Darth Dalius” I opened it to find this link here.

Star Wars – LightsaberWii.

All I need to say… I am so looking forward to that. I like to play the Wii because it is both fun to do, moving the remote and get involved with the game. As well as being a very social console – whereby I can get my friends and family to be part of the game easily and without much training or skill required.

I played the Xbox 360 the other day with Dazza, that was good fun – we played some demo games – Shadowrun looks to be a really good game, and Colin McRae DIRT was also pretty and a decent fun driving game. The real game we got into was Gears of War a real guts to glory war game. Just like a movie only you play in it. We had fun doing the first chapter on co-op. I still have a little trouble using the controllers – probably too much time in PC FPS, I still reach for the mouse! But by the end I had it all under control and really enjoy our afternoon off… Little too boys let loose with there parents away… except it was our partners that let us loose and we knew we still had things to do once we got home. Fun though I must say.

Also went to see Transformers with Dazza on Sunday night. OK I love the Cartoon back in the day (80’s). I was also lucky enough to have gotten an Optimus Prime for a birthday and I love to transformer him and fight the baddies or drive his big rig around my bedroom. Happy days. Of course friends of mine had bigger and better transformer toys… but they really did make for some fun play time especially when I link it all up with my large collection of Lego and build cities for them to play in.

The movie was good – although I really hate the CG fight scenes where you cannot work out who is fight who and what is happening. I think they need to use real people to model the fights and make them more realistic and not so jumbled that you can’t work out who is fighting who and what is happening (just my rant – I found it the same in Alien vs Predator). Aside from that I liked the storyline – I didn’t like Optimus Primes new colours, and what happened to Bumblebee being a VW…? Money – GM sponsored the movie… I did like the Decepticon being a Ford against the GM Autobots… 🙂 All in all a good enough movie 3/5 from me.

For those who want a trip down memory lane go here and enjoy.

Gaming Related Injury

More horror from the stupid and lame.

A US Doctor, yes I wrote Doctor, has become the latest idiot in a serious of idiocy since the creation of youtube. He claims to have created a new injury namely ‘Wiiitis’, because he hurt his shoulder play Wii Tennis for too long. I am sorry who the hell at the New England Journal of Medicine let this moron publish a letter on gaming related injury – and allowed him to state the term Wiiitis?? Hello WTF!! A JOURNAL allowed this through – oh please tell me this is one of those ‘joke’ letters that the editor makes a little comment on at the end – tongue in cheek kind of thing. I think enough stupid unskilled Gamers have done silly things when they should know better – to not have to make them more popular and create more attention to them by printing letters of there stupidity. OK Rant over!

On the other side I really like my Wii and I like the way I can play games such as Marvel Ultimate Alliance with my friends and Anjel – and that she doesn’t feel like she is being left behind because it IS a fun gaming system that is not too hard to master. I love the little mini games that come with the system, Zelda a little more of a challenge, and all the Virtual Console stuff really sells me. I can play Sonic the Hedgehog till morning and save it turn off the system and start again 3 weeks later where I left off… Brilliant!

Basically the system is easy to use, fun and most of all for me it is equally good as a single player system as it is for multi-player gaming.

I highly recommend it for anyone!