Halo 3

I am not really that excited about Halo 3, maybe because I do not have a 360 – or it may be because I have not finished Halo 2 – yet. BUT I am excited to see the full capabilities of the 360 and if Halo 3 doesn’t do it nothing will… well OK Bioshock is fantastic and really showcases the story telling side of the 360, but graphics, engines, 3D etc etc should all be brilliant with Halo 3 or else… (got that Microsoft). So on Tuesday I have booked in with Dazza to spend the day (or at least a large amount of it) playing Halo 3.

I will post here my findings as to my thoughts on the latest and greatest from Microsoft…


OK I had lunch with a friend of mine yesterday and we got on to talk of games and the console war and all that jazz. Now I am looking (wishing) to own one of the more powerful next gen consoles in the coming future the choice is whether I go for a 360 or a PS3. We chatted about the benefits of both and I must say that I agree with Dazza and believe that the main reason to buy SHOULD be based on the Games that are on offer and which console will meet the needs of the games that someone like me has. To that end I have been looking at the games on offer.
And I found BIOSHOCK I have yet to play a demo but this looks like one fun and full on games something that I could really enjoy. And the 360 has some other features and games that I really do like – but then again so does the PS3 and with the deals going around at the moment both of them seem like a good buy.
Not that I have any money to buy either – so this is all just some kind of fantasy and I am enjoying the thought of maybe one day getting my self all sorted to be able to purchase one of these systems.
Oh well!
Nuff said

Wii Wii Wii all the way home

I got a message from a friend of mine – the subject read “Darth Dalius” I opened it to find this link here.

Star Wars – LightsaberWii.

All I need to say… I am so looking forward to that. I like to play the Wii because it is both fun to do, moving the remote and get involved with the game. As well as being a very social console – whereby I can get my friends and family to be part of the game easily and without much training or skill required.

I played the Xbox 360 the other day with Dazza, that was good fun – we played some demo games – Shadowrun looks to be a really good game, and Colin McRae DIRT was also pretty and a decent fun driving game. The real game we got into was Gears of War a real guts to glory war game. Just like a movie only you play in it. We had fun doing the first chapter on co-op. I still have a little trouble using the controllers – probably too much time in PC FPS, I still reach for the mouse! But by the end I had it all under control and really enjoy our afternoon off… Little too boys let loose with there parents away… except it was our partners that let us loose and we knew we still had things to do once we got home. Fun though I must say.

Also went to see Transformers with Dazza on Sunday night. OK I love the Cartoon back in the day (80’s). I was also lucky enough to have gotten an Optimus Prime for a birthday and I love to transformer him and fight the baddies or drive his big rig around my bedroom. Happy days. Of course friends of mine had bigger and better transformer toys… but they really did make for some fun play time especially when I link it all up with my large collection of Lego and build cities for them to play in.

The movie was good – although I really hate the CG fight scenes where you cannot work out who is fight who and what is happening. I think they need to use real people to model the fights and make them more realistic and not so jumbled that you can’t work out who is fighting who and what is happening (just my rant – I found it the same in Alien vs Predator). Aside from that I liked the storyline – I didn’t like Optimus Primes new colours, and what happened to Bumblebee being a VW…? Money – GM sponsored the movie… I did like the Decepticon being a Ford against the GM Autobots… 🙂 All in all a good enough movie 3/5 from me.

For those who want a trip down memory lane go here and enjoy.

Day Off

I have a day off tomorrow and as such I plan to do something with it… Yes maybe even finish a computer game – I am looking at you Dazza!! – note worthy note here (hehehe I crack me up) Dazza helped me finish Halo when I got a little stuck, we went co-op and blasted our way to the end of that darn game! Woot! So I am guessing that between the two of us we could easily complete Halo 2 just in time for me to win lotto and buy Halo 3 with my Xbox 360 (that I do not have as yet!!)
Well it is either that or I shall go slightly mad!! I need a day of total oblivion and time wasting – aside from getting a load of washing done and cleaning up the kitchen, ok honey! Anyway Dazza might be busy – I asked him to tell me when he would be free either tomorrow or Thursday. So maybe I’ll just be Blogging my day away tomorrow and on Thursday we will take over the world. One game at a time – I could finish Battlefront 2, I started to play that again the other day.. Hmmmm the choice is big
Have fun!